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Western Digital WD3003FZEX 3TB Black HDD-specifications




Western Digital WD3003FZEX 3TB Black  HDD2

Inspiring Performance, Demanding

Black hard drives are designed for desktop PC and power users who demand
performance. Upgrade your old hard drive to a higher capacity and
reliability, WD Black drive that includes a 5-year limited warranty.

Entry Level: Up to 1 TB

Mainstream: 2 TB to 4 TB

Best Upgrade: 5 TB+


For Creatives & Enthusiasts

you’re a photographer, video editor, digital artist, or want to build your
own system, look no further than WD Black drives as your go-to solution. WD
Black drives deliver the best performance for storing large multimedia files
of photos, videos and applications.

Western Digital WD2003FZEX 2TB Black HDD-2

Western Digital WD10PURX 1TB Purple HDD

For Gamers

for performance and perfect for gaming, WD Black drives offer large
capacities to store your expanding gaming library. Future-proof your gaming
PC with enough capacity for extra downloadable game content and combine with
an SSD for maximum PC performance.


Additional Features

Increased Cache Sizes: Achieve faster read-rate
performance and high-speed transfer speeds with 128 MB of cache on 5 TB and 6
TB models. WD's Dynamic Cache Technology improves performance in real time to
allocate and optimize cache between reads and writes.

Dual-Core Processing: The WD Black drive features a
dual-core processor that offers twice the processing capability as a standard
single-core processor to maximize drive performance, especially for loading
games or large multimedia files.

Western Digital WD20PURX 2TB Purple HDD

Additional Information

Dimensions 14.7 x 10.16 x 2.61 cm


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